Entry Categories

1. Group
      A. Student
            - Full time students who are studying in Hong Kong aged over 12;
            - Enter either as an individual or in group (no more than 5 in each group)
      B. Designer
            - Individual designers with the right of abode in HK

2. Type of Toy
      A. Traditional Toys
            - including, but not limited to: Infant toys, Arts and crafts, Paper toys, Pre-school toys, Building sets,
            blocks and models, Musical toys, Dolls or doll related items, Educational toys, Magnetic toys,
            Vehicles and trains, Action figures, Wooden toys.
      B. Toys with Smart device Apps
            - Including, but not limited to action, adventure, cards, educational, family, puzzles, role playing,
            simulation, sports, strategy, trivia, and word.

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